January 12th, 2009


Gojira likes Gamera...Gamera good to eat....

What a day. I called and chatted with the gal who I have been compiling music. She sounded great! and we're both tired of winter. I chatted with Serge who is in Morris Mn. it was about 8 degrees. A real heat way. but its going to drop about the time the artic blash hits us. Now, I'm watching The Head. a low, and I mean low budget German horror film about, well, Dr.'s going crazy and doing things in the name of science. Oh brother!!!!
It's a 50 film collection from Millcreek. Ony they would know how to put these films together.
No shoveling today. Nuts. Hogwash. I'm tired of throwing snow.If you don't like walking on the ice and snow, stay home or you shovel it.

I called, and have hired "spring turns into Summer" snow removal service. They're cheap!