January 11th, 2009


sin city....what a kick

I thought I'd give it another watch. It's still got the kick that it did at first viewing. But then again, Grindhouse didn't. Whats that about???
I'll give that a viewing when I can.

I did laundry today in anticipation of the big freeze. yikes.

Artic music...."Hearts of Space"

Thats a program my brother introduced me to several years ago. "Slow music for fast times". Actually, they change their musical themes each week. If you want to listen to some great soothing music, give HOS.com a glance.

I got nostalgic tonight, so I put on Vincent Price in "The Last man on earth". A terrible Italian movie. Good story, not enough money to do editing.

Maybe I'll give Gamera a watch. A flying turtle with jets coming out his butt.

What will they think of next.

I spent some time looking over pre-owned Mac computers. $499.00 and up. unless you want the dual processor. I bet that kicks. Love those Risc processors.

My pal Kelly called, his brothers daughters' computer died (see, I told you that was going around, didn't I ). But I have several used desktops that would fit her use. They're old P-2 450 megahertz cpus. Hey, they're free.

Well, back to the movie.