December 30th, 2008

windows xp autumn

sleeping cats, snow storms and anime

thats what I'm doing now. about to watch my yearly series Fist of the North Star with Ken. Yeah. Thats what I want to be when I grow up. a guy who punches through bad guys. Yes. I could wear tights and a cape and try to fly through the air and stuff. I bet you'd all see me on the nightly news......

ah...I'm getting ready to say goodbye to a old friend who really got beat up. 2008! Wow.

I got a letter today thanking me for the nice 2 cd's of 1920's music. It was really special, since I've never seen stationary that had only the house address on it. It must come from an earlier time, like, the 1920?? Makes sense. She is 89 or so.

lets see, for myself, I put together the following music. just for me.

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so now, good night sweet princes and princesses
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