December 9th, 2008

Geneshalf all anim

when it rains.....

I couldn't find a ride to the grocery store last week, now I'm going every day! But today, I was smart. I'm going to give a go at making a new cabbage soup recipe I got out of my neighbors cookbook. I normally would bake a cake for tomorrow, but since I don't know who would show up, I opted for the soup instead. Right now, it's raining, no, make that snowing, wait a moment, raining. gosh, its doing both! I shoveled and wow. it was like each shovel full felt like it weight a ton. slushy yuck.

but its done and yup, you can't even tell I did anything.
We went to Pet Supplies Plus and they had a rabbit in a cage, but he or she was hiding. then three cages with a pair of cats in each. what was so unusual was that they wanted you to adopt the whole pair in each cage! They looked bored and were resting up.
but I think a bow wow is next in my life. I need the exercise. The dog's collar fell right off scooter.