November 30th, 2008


Jingle bells, the mail man fell, ...

I'll end that later. I'm taking a break from non-writting for our club's newsletter. It is hard not writting an article. you have to be prepaired, do non-research, check non-spelling and make sure the non-article is grammar good.

I tell you, its a lot of work.
So I'm sitting here, listening to the snow flakes hit the windows and the window softly blow through the cracks in the window panes. poetic, maybe, increasing my gas bill, deffinetly!

I finally managed to sleep in, only to trod outside on my front porch to fetch the sunday newspaper. stupid... everybody knows that if you only wear socks while walking through snow, you'll get your feet wet. and cold..

That's how I started out my Sunday. I'm kind of hoping that my neighbor will have a Snow day so we can go and I can get some more tagment. yum.

"Have you been a good boy or girl this past year?"
no, me neither. I never have any fun....sigh....

but, just watch next year. yippee skippee....

back to non-writting.
anybody got a good non-idea for a story?

oh, I saw the first blip on TV about "The Day the Earth Stood Still". hmmmmm