November 27th, 2008


" I can't believe I, I mean Godzilla, ate the whole thing!"

Wow, I gained one million pounds today! I can't believe what a spread Kelly's family puts on. Two turkey's, almost one gallon of mashed potato's, 4 pies, and oodles of fixings. But there was a down side to it, we watched the Detroit Lions. The score was 21 to 3. in the first quarter.
Then, we watched a Rocky Marathon. ok.
It was a great day. Turns out, Kelly's sister lives three house's down from an ex-girlfriend. small world.
I then got home after 5 hours and made up with Scooter the cat. this is the second day I've left him alone. My neighbor called me up and offered me some pumpkin cake. Sure, I'm already stuffed, why quit now!
I do have some work to do for her. besides shoveling her walkway, I'm going to take care of her yard waste bin. Man, am I good or not.
Now next saturday, we have our yearly Christmas dinner with the two Dr.s'. This Saturday, my swimming buddy is bringing me over a 17' computer monitor. Another computer. Another computer. I can't say enough. Too many Confusers..

But considering how screwed up the world is right now, I've been very fortunate this year, even though I've had some bad times too, it's been a special year and one to be thankful for.