November 20th, 2008


"No, it's not Christmas yet, but......."

I'm sitting in my living room, hearing the wind howl like it's off a January blizzard. But to keep warm, I'm watching Samurai 1, 2 and 3. The legend of Musashi. I just found out they have them on DVD. I can remember not long ago, we dreamed about the day the 3rd movie would even be shown! It's little over 300 minutes of the best Janeses story telling around! I watched Rashomon last night. How can I afford to do all this? Simple, I cancelled Comcast! THere's no way in this life time I'm going to pay $80.00 for 400 channels of info-mercials after 1AM and 20 channels of "Cops". Please......

"What film, movie would you like to see in High Definition?"

Interesting....How about Akira's Seven Samurai, Ran, and yes, Rashomon.

I guess you can see what I'm liking these days.