November 14th, 2008


"Snow snow and here comes the snow?"

goodbye 50 degrees.. Hello 33 with snow. well, thats good, isn't it?
Just found out that Studio 28, one of Michigan's favorite multiplex theaters, maybe closing. It was the first 20 screen theater. gads, I stood in line to see "CaddyShack", Star Wars, and a host of other great movies. Thats about the third theater that has gone away. the other two I saw Alien when it first came out, and the other two I saw Harry and tonto and Jaws. All gone.
I do think we're in for the long haul and throwing money at this isn't going to have any effect. greed is like that. they always need more and more.
Now, back to .Hack/sign. Funny, when it first came on Cartoon Network, I missed like half of it. Then bought it and have watched it like 7 times. I think I've gotten my use out of it.
I have two new series I just receied that I may watch over the snow storm.

"yuckie day......"

I woke up breathing cats' breath. He had curled himself up within inches of my face. Then to rub insult into injury, the idiot yawned! oh brother!
I got breakfast and then walked up to my favorite place: The Bank. I paid the loans and then got my neighbor lady a hersey's candy bar. You see, some guys try to wear a gal down by drink, sweet talk or taking her out to an expensive restaurant. Not me. no sir. I subscribe to the "Cheap" is better philosophy of dating. I bought her a candy bar and by golly, if she want's it, she'll have to come over to get it.

I guess that'll fix her, huh!

It was a balmy 53 degrees today and the rain stopped long enough for me to walk up to the bank. I think the yuckiest time is when the leaves have dropped and then, they get wet. yuckie.

on the good news is finally here dept. This is the first time this year I actually have enough money to pay all of my bills. jumps up and down, and acts silly till he feels embarrassed.
but, it feels good.
Then, just when I felt good, I got a phone call informing me a old family friend, a retired Dr., was just diagnosed with cancer. stage 3!
A sad way to end an afternoon.