November 13th, 2008


"Well, now that was totally unexpected....."

Yeah right. and I'm a Mongolian Jet pilot. I, along with the whole board, were nominated for another term. Yeah! thats three years! I can feel the power. They can call me "The Big Shot", "The Exulted One". the the the Meat head!!

There, now I feel better!
Went out to Steak and Shake and had me usual fries. I don't know, I just look at the burgers and I think they are shrinking each month we go there! But not the price.

Another day of rain. Couldn't pick up the dumb leaves! I guess they'll be there till next spring. sigh.....

The mail dude also was a tad late. like 4 hours.
I think I might just try and make vegtable soup tomorrow. I've got the stuff and i really want to use it up.

I'll think about it. I want to relax a little before beddie bye.