November 7th, 2008

Boys be boys

"Friday and its raining...."

I'm watching what once was a favorite Friday night show. The McLagkin (SP?)group. What used to be a nice stimulating half hour of talking has been reduced to a half hour of yelling across a small room. No matter what the topic is, the views are the same. Shame. I would have liked to see them grow and change along with the world. I don't think they have.

I'm watching "Boogie Pop Phantom.". I don't know why, but this anime holds my interest through viewing the whole series.

I thought I'd give myself a treat. I ordered "To Heart". I saw it first on Comcast's ON-DEMAND. I thought it was great. a little warm hearted series.
My pal from Minnesoda left and is on his way to Iowa. No, I didn't make it up. He's going to help his youngest son simeon who lives in Iowa. He creates stained glass and art.