November 6th, 2008

Familar face

"A day in the life....."

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. 70 degrees. I just watched Mrs.Compost empty out my yard waste container. They had some problems achieving that. Seems if you let the stuff stay inside for a month or so, it starts to,well, compost.
I'm watching george Cooney in "Syriana". Gads, he's good. Serge fixed my mouse entry hole and got me some eggs, bread and ( drum roll here) milk. It's been a good week.
Now, we're waiting for his daughter to get back from a meeting. She's in grad school at Western U.. Must be nice. I'm checking schools out, but wow, $220.00 for a text book!
I bet you have to color between the lines too.

It feels good to be alive today. I haven't felt like this since John F Kennedy. ah....Now on to work.