November 5th, 2008

Yakari pointing

"Remember, remember....The fifth of November!"

Well, I guess we know what movie I'll be watching tonight.

On a sad note: Michael Crichton has died after a private battle with cancer.
He gave us Jurassic Park, congo, The eaters of the dead and so many more. Plus, "ER".

His was the first book I read when I first attended college! The Andromeda strain. I had just finished registering for classes and had gone to the book store before it closed. and here, in paperback, was TAS. I went to the snack bar, which would serve as a impromptu student office for me for the next 8 years and while sipping coffee and puffing on a cigarette, read the whole book!

A great memory to have both in going to college and discovering a new source of good reads!

oh, did I mention Senator Obama was elected President of the United States of America?

WOw, 2008 sure is the year when History is being made and changed!
God Bless and Keep him safe!