November 4th, 2008


"And Mr.Bumpy says......"

I really miss him. that little green dude with the comfort doll, Molly and squirer(SP?)
. Ah, when life was simpler.

Instead of watching the election coverage, I'm watching "Brain Powered". The first DVD I got from Robert's Anime corner store. I like President Bob. It's nice to feel like you have a friend in the anime business.

Well, today, when I could sleep in, Serge silently woke me up, at 8:40AM. yuck. It wouldn't be so bad if I wouldn't have stayed up till 3:32AM.
we went to the grocery store, and I planed on spending about $84.00 . I have to budget myself. Well, Mr.Eyes as big as watermellons decided he was going to make Potato soup. He did, but the bill came to $166.00! Ouch! but, there was nothing in there that wasn't needed. It also was drug and paper month. Gads I hate that! Garbage bags, kitchen bags, toilette paper, paper towels, yard waste tickets. But you know, He had two bowls, as did I and kelly and even my neighbor lady came over and had a bowl! There's nothing like a nice hot bowl of freshly made soup to warm souls.

Oh, my pal did donate to the groceries. I wish he'd tell me before hand. He's at class right now and will be back to have....guess what?? right, potato soup!