October 6th, 2008


"The Last Man on Earth"

or, I am Legend. Wow, I'm watching the B & W version with Vincent Price. Must about 1956 or so. Terrible editing, but it is a classic with it's little errors and simple story telling technique. This is the stuff that used to keep me curled up on the sofa till mom would tell me to go to bed. Seems like just yesterday... 52 years ago. sigh...
I decided to treat myself ( cause I'm a good boy) and spent about $11.00 bucks on Tokyo S.O.S. ( with Godzilla) and Steven Spielberger's A.I..
what, didn't you know I am a Godzilla fan??
I even put "The Mummy" tonight. I'm getting ready to either go to my Dr.'s tomorrow, or not. It's tough when you don't trust your physician. another deep sigh. I'll wait and see.