October 4th, 2008

Sassame cooking

"Nice fun Friday night.....watching Ergo Proxy"

A quiet day, paying bills. Yeah...Give me some more of that! whoopie. Also saw that there are a few more house's for sale/rent around the neighborhood. That is sad. Some of these folks I've known for a long time. Now, empty house's. Yeah banks..
I spent the night reviews of last nights snippets. I do think McCain is setting women's rights back a hundred years. She just found out this Friday morning, that McCain has pulled out of Michigan. That occured on Thursday! Nothing like keeping your v.p. running mate informed! also, she did such a band up job that she is not scheduled to be interviewed or any other interview till after the election. what a waste!
On a brighter note, I decided to watch Ergo Proxy again. This will be about the sixth time since I got it back in March. Great series! Great Music! Monoral is one great band!

Now I have to find a birthday card for my pals wife's birthday. I also am trying to find ways to budget my money better.

"Birthday gift suggestions....."

I want to surprize a friend of mine's wife. She is having her ?? birthday and I surprized her last year with a music cd. But now I found out she likes music from 60's and 70's. hmmmm. I thought I had got her classical music, but nada. pull my thinking cap on...
I am watching the last of Ergo Proxy. What a great series.