September 21st, 2008


"Well, I think I finally found one I can live with"

I am getting antsy over my inability to creat DVD's and music CD's. all this due to that stupid mobo and the junk they put out now days. I can't even find one I'd like to buy new. Well, except for a used Mac. That's on my wish list. a old Mac with a power PC processor, and about 4 gigs of ram.
I'm more excited about that than dating a mae west.
I'm watching Japan, a collection of photographs that Kenji Kawau likes. I also got paid for mending the internet connection. yeah.

oh well.
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"Man, that pissed me off!"

I just got one of those stupid, poison filled e-mails, that pretend they're telling "US" American's the truth, cause, we're way too stupid to figure things out for ourselfs. I almost copied the dam thing and stuck it in here. Oh, I'm balisic right now!!! Without pasting it here, it's along the lines of " If you vote for a person who might just be a muslin, or look like one, or who rode on the buse sitting next to one, your voting to support terrorism."
Vote for the All American Party, the republican party.

gag me with a utensil!!!!!
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