September 18th, 2008


"Another computer, same non-sence"

Well, here I go again. My neighbor called and asked me to help get her back on the internet. "Why sure,said I, to her". Thoughts roamed through my head thinking about her baking ability, her large wallet. ( I forgot, this can be work!)
So, she offered me some bucks and I would have done it for free, TILL I STARTED TO WORK ON IT.
OMG!!! She has a new HP notebook, running Windows Vista. OMG!
oh well, after about 2 hours, I decided the router was malfunctioning and decided to try and get it up and running.
But before that, I got her back on the internet. yeah. I'm a ledgend in my own mind..

that lasted 4 seconds. she wanted me to call AT&T and ask them questions. yeah. right. so after hearing 12 minutes of the girl from ipanepa, I hung up and tested it out. it works and now she's back on the internet.
so, now, I'll try and see if I can get this LinkSys router back up. I have been told that there is a problem with them.
more later.
Yakari Smiling

"I have no idea why I picked that userpic for this post!"

Finally, I'm watching Akira. Much better than I thought it would be.
I'm relaxing after mowing the stupid lawn today. We had two and a half days of rain and wow, did the lawn ever grow. But on the lets feed the squirrels, front, some time between last Friday and today, a herd of arthritic squirrels ate, carried off or just buried one trillion butternuts! that was the good news, the bad news, they haven't discovered the other butternut tree in the back yard. But it felt good to get it done.
this is only the third time this season I've mowed the lawn. yeah. Tomorrow I may look at my neighbors router. yuck.

Oh, my neighbors upstairs tenant was wired for the internet today. I got to see a Geek squad in action. LOL. it was cool. he was dressed with black pants, white shirt, black tie and oodles of pens in his shirt pocket. cool.

I stole this from Thenextcentury

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