May 3rd, 2008

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"Well, now that was a fun week!"

I didn't think any company still had stupid departments to deal with customers problems, but they sure do. I've just spent a whole week with AT & T over their up and maybe coming price increase. Talk about looping! " This is customer service, can I help you?" LOL....then, "Oh, you need to talk with an agent of the accounts department". yup.
I'm tired.
and, I've been working on a Alienware Area 51 laptop. WOW!. They sure take themselves seriously!
nighty night.
Geneshalf all anim

"The Lovebug made me do this!"

Ask me seven questions. Not just any seven questions though. No, to keep it interesting, use the seven questions as per below - just copy and paste the following, replace the blanks with something you want to know/ask (e.g. 3. Donkeys or sandcastles and why?), anything you want, personal, silly, surreal or deep, comment away and I'll answer honestly as I can! Then post this in your own LJ and see what kind of things people want to ask you!

1. What do you think of _____________ ?

2. When did you last ____________?

3. __________ or ___________ and why?

4. What did you ______________?

5. What's your favourite ______________?

6. How would you ______________?

7. Who would you most like to ________ ?