April 19th, 2008


" A great day to......sleep in! zzzzzzzz"

of course, this absolutely didn't happen. Scooter the cat decided I must be up so I can check on his food. oc course, I always fill it up before I go to bed, so he doesn't need anything, but still....the need is there.

My friend came over today. He looked awfull. I think his dr. is over medicating him. probably with the wrong meds. We went up to Walgreens to get what else, drugs! Me, for asperin and tagment.Yeah. of course, I also got a box of Malted Milk balls. (Thats what I really went for!)
I got back and my other friend came over.
So, most of the afternoon was spent drinking coffee and talking and talking and talking. ( this is a boy-talk thing).
He left and my mailman brought me the latest The Rightstuf catalog. sort of. It was just the ripped cover! The letter sorting machine ate the rest of it. But , is was a beautiful day......