April 17th, 2008

Geneshalf all anim

"Mr.Computer strikes again..."

"Hey kids" want an adventure? want to build muscles? Work on computers! Yes, its fun, thrilling and also provides many learning experiences. Like, why can I press the "ON" button on a Alienware Area51 laptop and the computer comes on, but two other shops couldn't get the thing to work. Maybe I should think about an IT profession. wheeeee....

What a bunch of knuckleheads. Evidently, they failed to turn the notebook pc off, letting Windows XP shut things down, instead, simply closed the lid. oh well. Now we still can't get the wireless card to work. wow. What a day. Of course, I was just about finihsed cooking my dinner when the aledged sick pc came over. Cold taters, cold chicken noodle soup and warm cherry coke. But, it felt great to know I can still help others with these "High Tech" gear.
It has been a good day. A good day indeed.