April 14th, 2008


"Another do nothing day......"

Wow, here I am, ready to rake, pick up and cut tree limbs and then, for good measure, I was planing on washing windows. wow am I superman or what??
Or what! I didn't do any of those things. I made coffee sat on the front porch. and after a whole 5 minutes, came back into the house to get warm. It was only 42 degrees with a brisk breeze. What a way to start spring.
I now find I have 3 computers to check out and one Sony notebook to investigate: it was brough to a store to have a wireless card installed. ( since when does a $4000.00 laptop not have a wireless card???)
I'll be busy. good. this waiting for spring is killing me!
Just washing windows should take about 3 days. My brother usually did that, but really didn't do such a good job.
Now for something completely different. I have a friend who started collecting information on the ship, "The Great Eastern!" He is now looking for somebody to write a history of the ship and document all of his data. This is major task.
More later..