April 7th, 2008

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"Snow??? I should write my congressman or somebody...."

Today,bright sun shine, about 58 degrees. I walked up to the bank and paid my bills and cried to the teller. Didn't matter. he still took my money. I told him if I didn't pay my bills, I could buy oodles of toys, and maybe, just maybe, I'd share with him at recess ( it's getting deep now). nothing. I tried.
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Oh, about the subject line above. our weather pattern will give us snow come saturday. Yeahs...

"Lovebug just wanted to know, so here it is..."

We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious. Not in a bad way, but in a "Wow! I wish I had that person's hair, eyes, money, relationship, inner beauty, whatever."

So tell me what about me makes you envy me, then post this in your LJ and see what makes me envious of you!

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see, I told you so.