March 22nd, 2008

hunt elfs

"A quiet, but snowy Friday"

Boy, that was some summer we had. All 5 hours of it. wow. We're supposed to get anywhere from 5 inches to 9. whoppie.
I did the laundry, got the mail, scratched the cat, made creamed onions for dinner and watched the rest of "Gaseraki". Did I mention scratching the cat? repeatedly...
I wish I had a bow-wow. meows are ok, but meows are different critters. They seem to adopt their owners and may or may not accept them???

back to shoveling snow...just as soon as I get up tomorrow.
windows xp autumn

well seems to have changed while I was away.

I can't get my home page up and most everything else seems changed. Oh, now I know. Microsoft downloaded a few patches. Nuts. I know what to do, just I have so many other things I really need to be doing. I can't believe I got up early today and shoveled snow. But by 5PM, the snow had melted without me shoveling any more. Yeahs...but more snow is coming later tomorrow.
I'm sick of winter!!