February 22nd, 2008

windows xp autumn

"Oh, for the green grass of spring...."

its official. I've had enough of snow, freezing temps, ( I mean, like below zero) and trying to shovel ice off sidewalks so my poor mailman doesn't fall and hurt himself. yuck.

I also am tired of hearing that prattle from Obama. enough already. what, is this American Idol, or a national election?
substance, not subterfuge. I may be hard on him, but after the last 7 years, and the mess the world is in, I would like to see responsibility and constructive re-building start again.
ok, the cat jumped onto my lap. later....
windows xp autumn

"Hmmmmmmmmm...Ok. The Fighting Irish is ok with me!

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out your anger on various fields, with startling success at intimidating
your opponents. People keep mispronouncing your name to make you sound like
a woman from a 1930's gangster flick.

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