February 15th, 2008


"Well, it was kind of a Valentines present..."

I got a call this afternoon. My neighbor lady locked herself out of her house. Usually, I would have a extra set of house keys stored here, but her parents came and they took them. She had locked both sets in her house. yeahs.
So, I looked up a good locksmith and that was the last I heard from her.
My pal serge, came over twice: once to give me $20.00 bucks to pay my way tomorrow night when I receive the Ham of the year award. I really wanted him to go and keep me company. My brother and him attended the last two years. this year I will be alone. My pal jim is supposed to pick me up, but he's been acting kind of strange lately. Oh well.
I'm watching "Ergo Proxy". I wish they would had shown this on Cartoon Network.. oh well.
time to go. the temp is suppose to drop to zero or lower tonight.