February 2nd, 2008

windows xp autumn

"I hope whatever that stupid groundhog see's today, it means "

less COLD temps. This is the second day I've shoveled snow, only to have the snow plow come and pack my driveway. I mean, like, we're talking spring before I can get it out. ( or another good day of 40 degree weather might do the trick).
oh well. hey, its winter, and I do love this nonsense.
The cats sleeping and I'm watching "THe Animatrix". Cool stuff.
Happy February 2nd. Now, where's that darn groundhog?
windows xp autumn

"It's a bright new day......with a new icon too!"

I woke up and got out of bed ( what, this is saturday, you expected oodles of excitement??? go read a book) and shoveled some more darn snow. The stupid truck driver must have read my LJ entry. He went by my house going about 5 mph and really packed my driveway. I tried to shovel it out, but it was froze solid. oh well. I did manage to get out and pick up some groceries. yum.
Decided to start watching "Ergo Proxy" tonight.yeahs..

See my new Icon? Yeah, right up there. Well, Otana, bless her heart, discovered that what I thought was the Japanese translation for Ancientone was, well, something, but not Ancientone. So she went ahead and did me a correct one. Yeahs.. thank you Otana.
Just think, now I won't look like a complete illiterate idiot! LOL