January 30th, 2008


"oh its so cold here..bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Wow, from 44 degrees and thunderstorms at 5PM and then drop to 18 degrees with snow and 40 mph wind gusts at midnight. Yea. WINTER IS HERE.
I really feel sorry for you folks in New York. I just hear on Nightly News you haven't had but a trace of snow. ( Wipes tear away from eye) Gosh, it must be hard. Say, I know. I could send you some of ours. Just let me know.

Now for some good news. my pal Serge called me up from Morris MN. at 3PM today, it got up to -3 degrees after a low of -22 or so.( I forgot exactly how low it got). He's coming into Michigan for a dental appointment. ok.
I also got confirmation that the last two episodes of Ergo Proxy was sent out today. Wow, I almost missed getting the last two. Its getting harder to find the Geneon titles I want. Samurai Champloo is just about gone everywhere. Here's crossing my finger that they come back. I really like their talented artists.