January 19th, 2008

Geneshalf all anim

"brrrrrrrr....this is winter. yeah!"

Well, as I sit here, it is 18 degrees and it is dropping. We have an arctic front moving over us and it is going to stay here for the winter??? The minute the front went over Lake Michigan, it started the Lake effect snow machine. We'll pick up maybe 7 inches by Sunday or Monday. But, it is cold. Scooter the Cat has been getting the maximum time on my lap. unfortunately, he has gained weight, and he keeps putting my leg to sleep.
Oh, I got my first DVD of "Ergo Proxy". Egads, it is better than the version that is being shown on cable!
Tomorrow night, I have to go to a after Christmas dinner at a local steak house. yeahs.
again, its going to be cold....