Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Another Friday night.....

and its going to be a hot and humid one. We're supposed to get up to the high 80's and the on Sunday, 90. And, my AC died...quick, send cool dry air.

I couldn't find anything on TV last night, so I put on .hack/sign.
This is the 5th time I've viewed it, and I'm still not tired or bored of it. I just ordered ( with money I stole from myself????) The Ninth Configuration. I love stacy keech and ed flanders. two of the most underated actors to ever grace the silver screen.
Mr.Flanders is gone, but Stacy is still with us.

So,now I have about 3 more disks to watch, then I get to watch LOTR. I got it for my brother, but it was too slow getting here. I'm going to try and watch the entire trilogy, at one sitting.

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