September 30th, 2007

windows xp autumn

September...I'm glad this month is over with.

I love the fall, with its onset of changing leaves. but this year, they're going right from green to dead brown! So very little rain this summer. I hope the winter is much better.
So very sad to hear about all of the changes going on with Geneon. I hope they come back on line soon.

"thoughts on geneon closing its DVD distrubution service"

When I first heard of Geneon closing up their DVD distribution service, I thought, "So what". Then, I looked at their catalog offerings..

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What a strange weekend its been so far. my neighbor lady borrowed my bathroom scales, so she could weight some stuff for the rest of the teachers. She got on the scales -- 130 lbs! gads! I figure, 200 is just about right for me. I'm big boned and if I lose more than that, I get sick and don't feel too hot.

my pal stopped by. his baring went out on his front wheel. of course, he was 150 miles north of here, so he slowly came back, taking only the back roads.
Time to go.
Thank you all for making my September ok. a week ago, it was my deceased brothers birthday. its been hard all week.
now here comes October. boo.
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