August 25th, 2007

Yakari yelling and mad

I can't believe how low G-4 has gotten

I expected to see the same segment I did several years ago. nope. Nada. I got to see cute, annoying burrs, sharp flips on imagines and that constant update on some self important junk they have going on. I won't even go into watching the two lads getting shot at while trying to put some papers together. at the end, you could see red welts forming on their arms. "This is fun". Yahoo. yes sir. They should re-name attack of the show to attack and embarrassment to the senses, because thats all it was. Junior high humor dressed up to try and be cool. WTF!
oh, and perhaps instead of calling it G-4, they should call it the microsoft channel, because thats who they seem to like to cator to.

Ok, my ranting is over with, but I'm still pissed off.