August 24th, 2007


It's been a soggy Friday so far....

I just got back from walking up to the bank. It's not fair! I could have used that money I paid bills with to buy new and better and more interesting toys than I have now. But oh no. I paid the bills...bummer!!!!!!
If that wasn't bad enough, half way home, we get another down pour. I mean, my socks are soaked through ( try saying that fast three times). So now I'm drying off and I get a

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to put together a 10 page newsletter. yeah. Did I mention I have to coordinate picking up cookies, present plaques, secure rides for volunteers and when I have time, to watch Blood +, the anime series. Gosh, I really wish they would have had the money to do this series like they did the first episode. oh well.
All of you enjoy your weekend. may you have a ball.
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