July 26th, 2007

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"It rained.....all two drops!"

Boy, we could really use the rain. When you live in the Great Lakes state, and see the water level go down, down, down, you start to get a tad nervous. Its been dropping for a couple of years and we need to replenish it.
I'm starting the day out right: making Chicken noodle soup. I can't find my frozen sweet peas! Did any of you borrow them???
I didn't think so.
ok, back to updating web sites. All 6 of them.
Geneshalf all anim

"I was just wondering....."

with the war in Iraq, the AID's epidemic destroying Africa, and this country really trying very hard to duplicate 1929 in economics,
why do the headlines usually hark " Lindsay,Paris or Britney ?" Is this supposed to make a difference in world events? or have I been living an isolated existence??