June 25th, 2007

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strange day

I went to our Ham Radio club's Field Day, and had fun, but also soothed some ruffled feathers. Doesn't seem possible for a group of people to get together without some strong personality types positioning themselves as head of all.

Good Grief..
There. Now I feel better.

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My sunday ended just a while ago when scooter the cat jumped into my lap and went to sleep. ah...
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Hey, 78 degrees with 66% humidity. its summer.

and we all know what that means. My air conditioner failed. yeah.. it's a 40,000 btu unit so I figure I can afford to get a new one, lets see, counting pennies, in the year 2025 ( good name for a song).

Wednesday is supposed to be the latest setting sunset we have this year. You know what that means? Collapse )

but more later when the sweat isn't dripping into my eyes. this is going to be a long night.