April 21st, 2007

windows xp autumn

"A Beauatiful day in the neighborhood....."

The Kat woke me up by curling up next to my face, but his his butt right next to my nose. Oh, this kat is nasty...
Got up and brought up the Turtle family. ( ma, pa and baby Turtle lawn ornaments) washed off the patio, which only took about an hour since it was filthy. washed off the sidewalk and vacuumed the house. yeah. typical saturday. then my pals came over and we started b.s.ing. ah. its nice to be a grown up??????
I won't have DSL service till next week. I can't afford the replacement modem till then. but, its about 1/3 what the first one cost.
Tomorrow is a sad day. Our announcer friend from S.F. Bay area is coming up to visit a cemetery and visit me and my brothers remains. He's probably the most successful friend we have. Though, a second person would be our friend who was just ordained chancellor of a mid-west University.
and here I sit......
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