April 18th, 2007


"I just watched What we American's called "Giganis the fire monter."

well, all these years i was lead down the proverbial path.  I just saw both films, the American version and the Japanese version. "WOW"  what a difference.  The Japanese version was called " Godzilla Raids again." You can actually hear Godzilla's roar too.  It actually makes sense too.  The japanese version treats people with respect and they have Manners. No put downs aimed towards women.  Demanding, yes, derogatory, no.  This is the second out of three oridginal Toho studio monster films. Gojira, Godzilla Raids again and Godzilla vs monthra.  ah, the good old days. ( I still can't spell worth beans, but...)

I'm going to watch "Blue Gender" again. Maybe it will make sense this time around.