March 29th, 2007

windows xp autumn

"Lets see.....bright blue sky, temp is around rain and no snow....YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?"

yup. Stupid fires up his new un-working computer and tries to figure out why motherboard manufactures don't test their boards before they ship them, not let the customer do it. I've already heard some pretty bad things about gigabyte stuff, but this is my 2nd product from them. ( the other board worked but the CPU's fell off!)
good thing I'm washing and getting ready to fun the NET tonight. shame to waste this day screwing around with something that never should have left the company. ( why am I doing this? I'm trying out absolutely everything the company suggests I should do. Even though, it should have fired right up when it first became active)
cross your fingers and toes, please..... I really need a new computer, this old one is fading fast.