March 16th, 2007


"Almost the coolest day....."

I thought I had a sure fire winner. I estimated that my grocery bill would be about $30.00, and I walked out only spending $15.74 . Boy am I good or what! Well, stupid is what stupid does. I forgot to get garbage bags: they're $15.00. oh well. there goes my extra anime dvd for this month. nuts.
But I guess it could have been worse too. I couldn't find the cat food, IAM's chicken. Scooter the kat will only eat that stuff and only drink filtered water. this, from an outdoors kat??? maybe thats the reason, huh!
we're getting to be pals. We almost played this morning and he didn't take my finger off or scratch me deep. I like playing like that.
ok, I'm off to watching escaflown. (sp)

" A green Mickey????"

ok, thats the only user picture I have that is green, outside of Lovebugs Green thing.( can't remember his/her name- the thing that is )
So Saint Patricks day is tomorrow. I guess the green hair will be popping out tonight at the bars and maybe even at school. I thought I'd move from the planing, realization stage to the actual creating my brother's thank you card. it was 30 days as of yesterday. gosh, it doesn't seem that long. The cat is finally getting close to me. He won't jump up on my lap and fall asleep, but I can see where that may be happening in a while.
I thought, since we're in Lent and its Saint Paddy's day tomorrow, I would watch either or both, "The Quiet Man" and "The Passion of the Christ". Not together though.
I always love John Ford's "The Quiet Man". such a beautifully photographed movie.
Now back to the creative process.