March 13th, 2007

Geneshalf all anim

"Captain Ricky gets a hair cut to break hair clippers.

I decided my time to get a hair cut had finally arrived. I could tell, cause, my hair fell down and covered my eyes. Now, I love long hair, and I mean long. but, I never could grow it that long. just down to my neck and then it stopped. yuck.
So, today, I used the money my brother had saved to get his hair cut to cut mine.
However, I don't think he had in mind that my hair would be so thick that it might cause the clippers to burn up the speed switch. I learned a lot today about the hair cuting business. Like while the scissors can run as high as $1000.00 for one unit, an electric clipper is only about $150.00 or so. now try and figure that one out.
I also had my air pilot from Minnesoda show up. He's back here for a whole 30 days.
i really like him being here.
So, tonight, I'm watching "Silent Mobius". Nice anime.
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