February 16th, 2007


"A very bad day.."

I woke up and started to work on my new computer and my brother left to get groceries with our friend. He came back about 34 minutes later and died in front of me. He had a massive heart attack. His last words to me were dial 911 and hurry. That was it. They never got his heart started. The ambulacne attendant said they got the upper chamber to beat but absolutely nothing from the lower chamber. I've had fire-para-medics, ambulance people, my neighbor, our friend and my brother's best friend all in the house at the same time.  The medical examiner said it looked like a group home.
Funny, he talked to me about a mutual friend who had just passed away yesterday. A member in a rock-n-roll band. 
I have to decide on a bunch of things that I really don't want to deal with now, but...it has to get done.
Time to rest. miles to go....
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