December 20th, 2006

The Screen Savers

Beware of Millionares baring gifts??

Well, something like that. I just spent 90 minutes trying to a junk CD burner to work! it was given to me by, yeah, you guessed it. A millionaire who didn't want it anymore. ( actually, he said he didn't work out) Thats for sure. the software won't work under Windows XP. Excuse me?????
ok. so, one 5 year old burner thrown away.
For Christmas, I'm giving the guy who did all that water heater and furnace work his first computer. It isn't new, cause I know this dude is hard on everything. at least if he breaks this whole system, it won't be a loss. ( It's this machine I'm using right now!)
But, he'll get his feet wet and get something he wouldn't have bought for himself.
ah. Christmas.

Now, I'm checking my list to see who has been naughty and nice.
Have you been naughty???? how?