December 19th, 2006

windows xp autumn

"Another BLUE Monday...."

There's nothing like starting out the week by going to the bank to make deposits so checks do not bounce. Fun fun fun. I did manage to start developing a new web page/site for my dogs. It is very hard to go to a site where all your dog's are over at the Rainbow Bridge. But, they were worth it.
Now we have scooter the cat, who is the biggest baby I've ever seen. He actually wants to take a ride on my brothers shoulder before bed. He is quite the meower too.

Today the rest of my next computer should be arriving. its funny that I'm waiting for parts, brand new parts, that are already obsolete! But hey, my ZERO 3 lasted 4 years. not bad for 18 hours a day, times 365 days times 4 years.
Still haven't christened my new computer. Zero moniker seems old hat for this new machine. ( remember, this is only a 2.8 gig, AMD 64 processor. 1 gig of kind of fast ram and a 320 gig hard drive.) I'll cry over having to buy a new copy of Windows XP. the only saving grace is the fast track to upgrading to vista.
well, back to the wonderful world of web page creation.