December 13th, 2006


"I'm dreaming of a soggy Christmas....."

Rain, rain, and dark, gloomy sky. What more can anybody ask for? All of the beautiful snow is gone. replaced with yuckie baren trees, dead looking grass, and un-raked leaves from this past Fall. no snow. now I ask you, how in the world can Santa's reindeer find our house if there isn't any snow on the roof??
it's the pits...
I may brighten tomorrow afternoon or later tomorrow night by firing up my new as yet unnamed computer. gosh, you'd think naming it wouldn't be that difficult. but it is. My first three babies were zero 1, 2 and 3. I'm reserving "Thor" for my special server case. this is a huge server case and looks like it can hold about 1 gadzillion hard drives! so, before that baby gets built, I need to name this one. Zeus? too pretentious. Zena?? naw, its too square and no curves. ( I'm not sure about if it likes leather or not).

I just watched "Record of Lodoss war". it gets better with repeated viewing.
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