December 7th, 2006

windows xp autumn

"I'm sitting here, watching the snow gently falling down..."

in less than 6 hours, I'll have to be shoveling that crap! ah hum bug!
I just watched "Gundress" and thought it looked or had the feel of a distant counsin of "Ghost in the shell". It does. I wish the local stations would put on anime late at night like they used to. They showed some hard to find stuff.
I also just watched "The DeVinCi code". I actually thought Tom Hanks really grew as an actor in this flick. Maybe he's just older now???
I got my dogs cremated remains in the mail today. The place is about 18 miles from here, and all of my pals just are not feeling up to driving that far in this weather. I can't say I blame them.
they put Odie's remains in a nice white metal urn, with flowers decorating it. also, one single white rose.( plastic, but it was the thought that counts).
so now, I'm thinking about redoing my dog's web site, . the only thing is, it is so hard to look at all my gone sammies. but I will. they deserve it.

back to watching it snow. I do love this season.....
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