November 26th, 2006

Familar face

"Well, keeping with this years theme that everything...."

I own turns to shit. My clothe dryer died! Hey, why not. The hot water heater, the furnace, my computer and now this. of course, after tearing the unit apart we discovered it is old but the good news, is they still carry parts for it. one, not a bag, one, philips screw is listed at $2.05! one F@#&ing screw! The gas furnace for the dryer is a paltry $205.95.
(takes a deep breath.....its only a dream its only a dream)
I am thinking I should make a list of what hasn't died on me this year and see if I can't break my own record.
Good news. I ordered the parts to build my new computer. pretty good deal. I may take photos of it being assembled.( while the camera still works that is)

Its Saturday night and to celebrate, I just watched Akira kurosawa's "The Sea is Watching". Breathtaking!
Time to watch "Yojimbo".
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