October 26th, 2006


"Well, now wasn't that special......."

I spent most of the afternoon vacuuming both the front and rear lawns. It filled our waste management container. I left two piles in the driveway. I'll pick them up after they empty the container later today. But no more mowing the lawn or vacuuming it for at aleast 7 months. yeas. It was only 51 today, so it was nice. I didn't even have to wear a jacket. but working on the lawn wearing a short sheelve shirt is perhaps a little much.
Yesterday, I composed and then printer 83 X 10 X 5. then stapled them together. yeas..again.
Now, I've decided to have my own baby????????

I think I should lay down for awhile, what do you think?
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"Well, now wasn't that special part 2"

After picking up all those leaves yesterday, last night, the temp dropped to about 29 degrees. All, not part, all of the remaining leaves dropped off the tree. You couldn't see any green or the drive. Grrrrrr.
up comes the lawnmower and here I go again. but this time, there are not one leave left on the tree.
I also just received "Witch Hunter Robin" . Good anime for Holloween. yeas.