October 5th, 2006

Geneshalf all anim

" Now almost the hardest part is over with...."

Have you ever bought a large appliance at a store? I mean in a store where you actually get a large steel cart and put the appliance on it yourself? then pick out all the associated valves, elbows, solder, wrench.ect...
I think, next time, I'll have somebody else do all this picking out and the hassle of shoping for something like this. At about 8PM tonight, we had hot water. yeah.. Thats the good part.
the bad part, we think the power transformer that powers the thermomerter got burned last Saturday. Now all we have to do is find a transformer to replace a 50 year old part. yippy skippy.
But, now I know how to manually turn on the furnance if and when it gets bitterly cold. ( it should be fixed maybe by tomorrow.)
oh well. I got to see of my friends work together, and that was worth it.
Its great to have such willing and able friends to help out.