September 29th, 2006


"Kick you when your down....."

Here I was, washing evening dishes, when the water turned cold? Hmmm. Maybe my brother washed some dishes before dinner. Nope.
Maybe he took a bath just before dinner? na da.

Maybe the hot water heater took a dive. YUP!
so, there goes all the Christmas money I was saving up to buy all of you nice presents this coming holiday season.
Have any of you ever taken a cold bath? I am later tonight. I like to soak in a hot tube. This should be interesting.

Below, is from where I compose and type this journal, plus creat non-award winning web sites. I was all set to change my LJ journal page and put some pizazz in it. Not now.
Well, maybe.

Above is my home grown "Puter". I call it Zero III. Left to right, An HP DeskJet 694C inkjet, then next is a Mustek Flat bed scanner, sitting on top of it is my Uniden Scanner. I listen to everything from school bus drivers to AirMed. next to that is the all in one scanner, faxer, laser printer and copier. Its a Minolta. Then, my ZEroIII. a little AMD 1.18gig cpu with 256 megs of ram, 250 gig Western digital hard drive, with a CD/DVD Rom drive on top and a dual layer HP DVD writer below. The monitor is a Samsun Synmaster 763MB, 17'. If your really carefull, and you look under the all-in-one, you'll see oodles of boxes of hard ware and software. I never throw anything a way.. Especially, a friend...
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