May 23rd, 2006

bonsai Tree

"Stupid...Stupid.....and more Stupid!"

Monday sure started out bad. I mowed the front lawn. that was good. I then left my friend to plug in this GREAT DELL notebook. Yippy Skippy. I plugged it in, and no communications between the pc and the controller. My pal, who brought along his Gateway notebook, which is about 15 years old, plugged his pc in and it worked !

I am seriously thinking of asking for a RMA from Dell. this is totally ridiculous.
But I find out that I did indeed, have the flu. wow, just a little exertion and I'm tired out.
back to trying to discover what is wrong with this dell.
bonsai Tree

"another List thingie....."

List the ten anime characters you would have sex with. PEOPLE, these are only animations!!!!

Ok, the number one on my list is Armitage. She is one strong willed woman.

My second Honey, is Birdy, from Birdy mighty. she's just plain cool!

The third gal is Maggie, from R.O.D. The TV. I don't care whatever anybody says, she is one cute babe.

Why nobody listed Marlene from Blue Gender is a mystery to me. Out of all of the characters I've seen, she grew the most.

My fifth is Lafiel, from Crest of the Stars. She's nobodys fool.

This cutie is my sixth. I always mix her name up, but she's the really strong gal from Silent Mobius. I can just dream what she'd do on a dance floor.

Vidal, from Dragonball Z. the most common sense woman to ever grace anime.

Number 8 is Rei, from Neon Genesis. Quiet, but right in your face when required. Is this supposed to be about who I would have sex with?

Robin, from Witch Hunter Robin. The mousey type, but I bet she has hiden skills.

and number ten......Yuri from Dirty Pair. Shes blonde, smart and did I say shes blonde

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