January 23rd, 2006

The Screen Savers

"It never seems to end......"

The what the heck I'm talking about is good old G4 television removing "Call for Help" in the U.S.A. so they put their other junk on. ( they've even preemptied the usual time slot for infomercial. gad zooks!)
Some of you may not remember the good old days of ZDTV, which then became TechTV. ah.those wonderful days when I could turn to that channel and see all the new computer gizmos and hear problems other folks are having with their computers, actually being answered, and not from someone in India!
But, they decided to go "Cutting Edge", what ever that means, and just let every producer that walked in off the street do whatever they wanted to do. what exactly does jello wrestling by two women have to do with cutting edge technology???? oh well, we still have the ipod casts availible from Leoville and can visit the individual web sites of Pat, Morgan, Leo, Yoshi. ah. I think I'm going to cry......
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    a moments slince for The Screen Savers & Call for Help crew
windows xp autumn

"Black Cherry Vanila coke....ok, I've changed my mind....."

After trying it for like 3 days now, I guess it's ok. Its like those things in life that you get to like after trying it for a while ( like being married???)
So don't let my initial turn off get any of you from not trying it. Still, I do miss my vanila coke. I have three can's in the fridge and I'll have them on special occasions( actually, it was a 12 pack, but I drank the rest...sigh....what a idiot I can be )